Proverbs 16:9

I thought I had everything planned out for my life. I thought I knew what it would look like in the next few years. God must have been chuckling to himself the whole time I was planning.

I am currently sitting on a ship on the west coast of Africa and to be honest most of the time I have no idea how I got here. It’s so funny looking back over 2016 and seeing how things have changed sooooooo much. The Lord has been showing me how much I hold on to things, people, and plans. He keeps telling me that if I just loosen my grip just a bit he will show me a better way. Don’t get me wrong somedays I feel like I’m playing tug-a-war with him. I never seem to win and it always seem to be for my benefit. By the grace of God his plan prevailed and I am so thankful for that.

I am still adjusting to life here. I am trying to give myself lots of time and grace. I know that this year will be challenging and there are things in the future that still scare me and I continue to lay them at the cross, trying to loosen my grip a little more each time I do. I tell myself, “Remember, don’t forget all the things the Lord has done.”

Okay I am done with my rambling. I know that a lot of you want to hear how life on ship is so I will update you on that. I don’t have to cook ,which is GREAT! The food onboard is good. I now have to take two minute showers which is easier to adapt to then I would have thought. I am in a small cabin on board which I will happily show you.

This is part of my room!

It was really easy to unpack as I don’t have much with me. I do plan on getting a couple skirts and pants made while here though and I will defiantly do a separate blog post when I have them. I haven’t gone exploring yet, but plan to in the near future. My first day of training was today for my job and I think I will like it. Continued prayer please that my confidence would grow as I get to know my job. I am making friends and got to attend a lovely bible journaling group, which I will be attending again. There were 10 different countries represented at this small group.


Here is to a year of changing, growing, and stretching. Please pray that I would be open to learn and grow. That I would call on the Lord to be the one to fill me and give me value. That I would remember all he continues to do in my life. Love you all and miss you lots.


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