Preparing for Change

The last couple of weeks the Lord has been pretty present. He is always present, I know, but recently I feel that he is making himself more known. That could be because I am making a more intentional effort recently to spend time in the word. Who would have thought? All sarcasm aside I feel he reminding me that he is enough. When times are stressful, God is enough. When I am wondering why he allows pain in the world, he is good. When I am having a deep conversation about life with friends, he is the bases of that friendship. How often I miss him because I am not looking for the Lord, but for the good things that he can provide me.

Since Easter he reminds me that he is the source of all wholeness. I still doubt, stress, and cry out over confusion. I still look at situations and wonder why he has allowed it, but I remind myself that the Lord is GOOD. Easter was a lovely time on the ship. Service was a time of rejoicing and celebration. The God of the universe provided a way for us to know him personally.

The Lord continues to stretch and grow me. It’s not always easy, but it is always necessary. This week I find myself tired. It’s been a full and busy week, but I am so glad that I am here. I know that change is coming and I pray that when it does come that I handle it with grace. I stood on the dock last night and said good-bye to a friend. As a stood there I realized that this is going to become a constant in my life. Saying good-bye is something I will have to get use to, but I don’t want to become numb to it. Many of my friends will be leaving this month. I’ve only known them a short time, but being here is like being in a pressure cooker. You need community to get through the times when you are tired, struggling, and weak. You bond quickly with your people here and equally as fast you say good-bye to them.

So that is where I am. I am trying to stand in the Lord’s presence and gear up for the change that he is bringing my way. The Lord has provided for me before and he will continue to do so now!


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Change”

  1. We’ll be thinking and praying for you during Bible study tonight as always! Miss your face around here, but I love reading about your journey!!


  2. I love your beautiful and honest words. You are still such an encouragement even though you are so far away. We will continue to lift you up in prayer!


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