So I finally have done some proper exploring. We spent the day in Ganvie and it was such a fun experience. Ganvie is a village on a lake. When I say “on” I don’t mean next to or by, but actually on a lake.


We drove to a dock and took a small boat to the village. Most of the villages income comes from fishing. They have an open air market early in the mornings where many people sell what they catch. Though there are other ways to make an income in the village.

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The building says Super Star Photo and Video.

The village was created by a people that was looking to escape from others who would sell them into slavery. There was a small island, but it did not have enough room for everyone. The people of the village chose to save it for future generations and built their homes over the water. Currently there are around 30,000 people that live in Ganvie. Most of the children that live in the village learn to swim by the age of two. When they turn five they are taught to paddle a boat.

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The guide took us through the village and pointed out important buildings and statues. We were able to dock the boat and walk around some of the buildings. The boat ride was nice and it was good to get off the ship. Though I was a bit afraid to fall in the water. When people build their houses there is no plumbing so it all goes in the water. I really did not want to go swimming that day.

The children would stand at the doors of their houses or sit in boats and wave at us as we would go by, They would yell “Yovo, yovo, yovo,” which means white person. It makes me laugh so much.  It was a really good day that ended with local food and good conversation.

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Love you all and miss you. Hopefully I will soon have more adventures to share.