Change Happens

If you haven’t guessed from my social media we are no longer in Benin. We had a 11 day sail and are now in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands. It was the first time that I have ever sailed on a ship and I loved it. Praise the Lord for no sea sickness. The views were amazing. It was pretty crazy to see everything that has to go into sailing a ship. The sail was a good reminder of just how big the world is. When I looked around and could only see the ocean I was reminded of just how small I am and how big God is.

Photo Credit: Joni

There were activities on the ship every night. One of them was a scavenger hunt and we won. (Everyone knows I am not a very competitive person. Haha)

We are now in shipyard, more specifically dry dock. For the next couple of weeks the ship will be out of the water and being repaired. It’s pretty amazing to see the ship out of water. As they work through the list of repairs that have to be done my normal changes once again. It is loud, smelly and often hot as the air conditioner is not running. Part of me is really enjoying it. Its exciting to see all the changes that are taking place and all the people that give their time to make it happen. There is still work to be done in reception. There is always paperwork no matter where we are located.


I’ve been able to explore the island a bit and it is beautiful. On Saturday we drove around, stopped in small villages, and ate some very yummy food. As we drove we listened to music and enjoyed ourselves. It was a nice last little adventure with many of my friends before they left. We found the most beautiful village that we just walked around. If you look at the picture closely you can see the little Fiat Panda that we rented. (It’s the first car in the row.) It was a bit slow and rundown, but in a lovable kind of way.

Beautiful village pictured here.

Good-byes are probably my least favorite thing about living on this ship. I have already said many good-byes and still have many more to come. I am so thankful to be here and experience this world in such a unique way. Thank you to all the friends that I have met on the ship for showing me how wonderful the world can be.




So I finally have done some proper exploring. We spent the day in Ganvie and it was such a fun experience. Ganvie is a village on a lake. When I say “on” I don’t mean next to or by, but actually on a lake.


We drove to a dock and took a small boat to the village. Most of the villages income comes from fishing. They have an open air market early in the mornings where many people sell what they catch. Though there are other ways to make an income in the village.

FullSizeRender 15
The building says Super Star Photo and Video.

The village was created by a people that was looking to escape from others who would sell them into slavery. There was a small island, but it did not have enough room for everyone. The people of the village chose to save it for future generations and built their homes over the water. Currently there are around 30,000 people that live in Ganvie. Most of the children that live in the village learn to swim by the age of two. When they turn five they are taught to paddle a boat.

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The guide took us through the village and pointed out important buildings and statues. We were able to dock the boat and walk around some of the buildings. The boat ride was nice and it was good to get off the ship. Though I was a bit afraid to fall in the water. When people build their houses there is no plumbing so it all goes in the water. I really did not want to go swimming that day.

The children would stand at the doors of their houses or sit in boats and wave at us as we would go by, They would yell “Yovo, yovo, yovo,” which means white person. It makes me laugh so much.  It was a really good day that ended with local food and good conversation.

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Love you all and miss you. Hopefully I will soon have more adventures to share.